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UniBridge is a one-semester full-time programme which offers students an alternative entry route to Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Bachelor degree programmes. You will not only be prepared for the qualification needed to enter Universiti Brunei Darussalam, but also for student life in a university setting. Staffs look for enthusiasm, commitment and active participation of students in all modules offered under UniBridge.

The UniBridge programme will:
  • Provide a clear route into Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Bachelor degrees programmes.
  • Provide specially-designed modules related to the academic field intended to be studied at undergraduate level.
  • Provide a range of study and communication skills to enable students to succeed in undergraduate study.
  • Improve overall English proficiency and ability to use academic English appropriately and effectively at undergraduate level.
  • Introduce students to a university educational system and its academic culture.



In UniBridge, you are required to take a minimum of four modules or accumulate a minimum of 16 modular credits. It is comprised of three core modules and at least one optional module:


Core Modules (12 Modular Credits)


Code Title Modular Credits
CU-0201 Introduction to University Studies 4
CU-0202 Developing the Skills of Academic Literacy 4
CU-0203 Developing the Skills of Academic Numeracy & IT 4


Optional Modules (Minimum 4 Modular Credits)


Code Title Modular Credits
CU-0301 Business & Management for University Study 4
CU-0302 Health Sciences for University Study 4
CU-0303 Arts & Social Sciences for University Study 4
CU-0304 Sciences for University Study 4
CU-0305 Warisan Brunei Darussalam untuk Pengajian Universiti 4

The optional module determines your intended degree programme. Nevertheless, you are encouraged to take more than one optional module to broaden your academic choices.

Upon successful completion of UniBridge, and subject to fulfilling the requirements of faculties, you are able to apply for admission to Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Bachelor degrees - Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Health Science, or Bachelor of Science (excluding all twinning programmes).



For local students (Brunei citizens and Permanent Residents), the programme will charge B$500 per module. For international students, the programme will charge B$700 per module. The University will also charge students an additional amount of B$120 for registration and other administrative costs.



Fulfilling the entry requirements does not guarantee entry into Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s UniBridge programme, as admission into the programme is competitive and limited, and subject to availability of spaces.

For in-service candidates, their entry to UniBridge and the degree programmes will be subject to the approval and requirements of their respective offices and the Public Service Department.




Applicants must possess the following minimum qualifications in order to satisfy the general requirements for admission :
  • 120 points for two passes at GCE 'A' Level and minimum grade D; OR
  • 120 points for three passes at GCE 'A" Level or equivalent in relevant subjects; OR
  • An international Baccalaureate with score of 26 points; OR
  • 1 pass at GCE ' A' Level or equivalent with at least 3 years of full-time work experience; OR
  • 4 credit at GCE 'O' Level or equivalent with at least 5 years of fill-time work experience; OR
  • A minimum overall grade C (50%-64%) for Laksamana College of Business' BA Common Year 1 graduates; OR
  • Diploma in Education from UBD of at least 3 years of study and at least a Pass


Applicants must also have:

A credit in GCE 'O' Level English Language or a grade C in IGCSE English as a Second Language or an IELTS overall score of 6.0 or a TOEFL overall score of 550.


Additional requirements
  • A credit in Mathematics at GCE 'O' Level or equivalent for intended entry in to the Bachelor of Business programme.
  • 3 passes of minimum Grade D at GCE 'A' Level or equivalent for intended entry into the Bachelor of Health Science programme.
  • Successful performance in an interview or test (if required).


  • Interested In-Service applicants are also required to meet the requirements of their respective offices/departments and the Public Services Department.
  • Applicants intending to apply for the Government scholarship to study in the Bachelor degree programme must also obtain a credit in GCE ‘O’ level Bahasa Melayu.
  • Short-listed applicants will be notified for an interview or an entrance test set by the concerned faculty.



Please apply and submit via online through the new UBD Admission Application Form

Intake Closing Date For Applications
August 30th April
January 30th September