Research and innovation events for researchers within UBD and industry through regular university wide research and innovation networking held throughout the year to foster a vibrant research culture. Two very well received initiatives were the Research & Innovation rounds and the Early Career Academics Workshops and this supported the sharing of multidisciplinary research initiatives of both BRC and UR project findings.

Research & innovation rounds

The Research & Innovation rounds is a monthly program to encourage researchers to share knowledge, expertise and ideas particularly in research and innovation. Research teams from UBD are invited to present their findings and outcomes in order to share their success stories. The TWO key items that are highlighted during the round meeting includes broadcast on research and innovation related news and research findings from a research groups. This is an opportunity to open for exchange of ideas, networking, interdisciplinary collaboration, intellectual property and innovation.

Early career academics

In this program, early career academics are encouraged to share knowledge, expertise and ideas. It also highlights the importance of international networking, interdisciplinary collaboration and intellectual property and innovation.   Senior researchers, including Professors, shared their research and also support research for impact on business and society.


The Research & Innovation Drop-in Clinic (RIDnic) is a monthly session where AVC Research & Innovation and Directors are available to meet one-on-one with researchers and faculty members. All types of research questions, opportunities and challenges with regards to the Office of Research and Innovation are covered. Sessions are by appointment for 15-30 minutes per individual.  RIDnic is getting popular among researcher community and since from the first RIDnic held on 2nd April 2016 and to date 3 sessions have been held and 20 researchers have benefited.