Starting Your Research 

  1. Once you have received your research grant approval letter, you should take note of the total amount approved and the amount allocated to the specific items in the proposal (budget categories).
  2. It is important that you take note of and remember your research grant reference number, the approved commencement and completion dates of your research grant. The grant reference number should be quoted in all correspondences, invoices sent for payment, etc.
  3. You should make claims on your grants as early as possible and not to delay in implementing your project. 

Purchasing or Claiming for your Project 

  1. Please refer to the Research Grant – Financial Procedures for details on purchasing policy (attached to your research grant approval letter). Please note that you must adhere to the University purchasing policy (guided by the national Financial Regulations), otherwise problems may arise in the future.
  2. For BRC-funded projects, before applications for research leave, hiring RAs, bringing in experts or purchasing equipment or consumables can be approved, you must seek the Confirmation of Funds from JPKE (through Bursar’s Office). Please submit the FIN2 Requisition/Purchasing Form (Research Only) with the specifications and estimated prices for this purpose, simultaneously with your applications for research leave, hiring RAs or bringing in experts.
  3. For minor purchases (consumables, etc), you may purchase the items using your own money first and request for reimbursement by filling the FIN 2 Form and submit the original receipts with it.
  4. The FIN 2 Form can be obtained from your Faculty Office, to be used for any purchase or claims that you make from this research grant.
  5. You can only purchase or make claims on items which have been budgeted in your approved research budget. You may request to purchase items not budgeted earlier in your approved proposal through the transfer of funds between budget categories but not requesting for additional funds. To do so, you should submit a request for a virement of funds.
  6. All claims must be made to the Bursar and the submission must be through the Research Office for verification. Purchases or payments will not be processed without the verification.
  7. All claims should be made within the research grant period. Any claims submitted outside of the research grant period will not be reimbursed, and you will not have any access to your research fund after the completion date of your grant.

Research Leave 

  1. Application for research leave can be made to the University Research Committee, through the Research Office, at least 2 months prior to the intended start date of research leave. All applications should be accompanied by a completed, approved and verified Risk Assessment-based Form and Safety Management Plan.
  2. For BRC-funded projects, applications for research leave must be submitted at least 3 months before, to allow for time it would require to obtain the Confirmation of Funds from JPKE.
  3. You can only claim for return air ticket and per diem ($150.00 per day up to a maximum of 14 days per academic year only).
  4. The University requires all researchers to submit their Research Leave Reports not later than 30 daysfrom your reporting for duty after research leave.
  5. Please refer to the Universiti Brunei Darussalam Research Leave Regulations for more details.

Research Personnel 

  1. You may request to appoint for research personnel e.g. research assistants or research collaborators, if the funding for appointment are available in your research grant.
  2. You may hire current UBD students as research assistants, but only on a part-time basis. For those under the Graduate Research Scholarship, Faculty must verify that he/she has done 6-hour per week mandatory work for the Faculty first before being recommended for paid work (maximum of 10 hours per week only).
  3. For BRC-funded projects, applications for hiring research assistants must be submitted at least 3 months before, to allow for time it would require to obtain the Confirmation of Funds from JPKE.
  4. Recommendation for hiring research personnel can be made to the Research Office, whom will issue the official appointment letter. Appointment letters issued by researchers themselves would not be considered as official and cannot be used for claiming for salaries or other related expenses.
  5. Please refer to Research Grant – Financial Procedures for rates of research assistance.  

Progress and Final Reports and Completing Your Project 

  1. You are required to submit a progress report on your research at the end of each 6-month period. Failure to submit this will impact all FIN2 claims and other requests made for your project to the Committee.
  2. You are also required to submit a complete report (Final Report) upon the completion of your project, to be submitted within 90 days after completion date.
  3. Please note that the Research Office will only consider Reports which are submitted through the Faculty with the completed sections for ‘Recommendation from Faculty Research Committee’ and ‘Comments and Recommendation by Dean of Faculty’. For BRC-funded projects, this will be an additional form.
  4. Any photocopies, publication reprints and books purchased from grants, etc. should be returned to the University Library after the completion of your project. Furthermore, all equipment purchased from the University funds should be returned to the University on completion of your research project. These can be listed out in the ‘Research Items Clearance Form’, which must be submitted to Research Office upon completion of your Project and must be verified by the Project Officer, Research Office.  

Intellectual Property, Patents and Commercialization 

  1. You are also required to comply with the University Rules and Regulations on Invention and Patent Rights, and acknowledge in your publications that your research project has been funded by Universiti Brunei Darussalam.
  2. If you think that your project may have potential for commercialization or you wish to engage industries related to your project, please contact Director of Industry Liaison Office (ILO), 1st Floor, Block A, Integrated Science Building, via email:

Beyond Completion Date 

  1. Although we insist that all researchers to complete their projects and process all payments and claims before the completion date, you may be allowed to request to for extension of research grant period, but subject to a strong justification. Request can be submitted to Research at least 3 months prior to the end of your grant.
  2. For BRC-funded projects, final approval shall be from BRC Working Group.
  3. The application for extension must be made on the prescribed form and attached with the research plan for the extended period as well as Gantt Chart.

General Information 

  • For further details, please refer to the UBD Policy and Guidelines on Research, Research Leave and Research Grants – available in the UBD Staff Portal through the link myUBD in the UBD website.
  • All related forms can also be obtained and downloadable from the UBD Staff Portal.
  • Please address all your requests or forward your queries regarding to research matters to: 

Project Officer
Research Office
1st Floor, Block A, Integrated Sciences Building