UBD’s research efforts are being realized through innovative partnerships with leading international universities and enterprises. This is being enabled by our priority research themes for UBD Vision 2020.

Biodiversity Research - To contribute new sustainability solutions for the forests of Brunei

The forests of Brunei Darussalam are among the most diverse on earth, and it is among the top 10 nations with a very high percentage of forested land area. Recent studies have shown the presence of approximately 160,000 individual trees belonging to 1,000 different species in just a 25-hectare forest dynamics plot. The number of new plant, animal and microbial species discovered from the sultanate in the recent past have swelled significantly. Therefore, biodiversity and environmental studies represents a key research initiative for UBD that will lead to integrated sustainability solutions.  Bioprospecting of novel chemicals and therapeutic agents is another area that can be exploited.

Renewable and alternative energy - to support the economic diversification of Brunei

Brunei Darussalam’s oil and gas industry currently forms the heart of the country’s economy, but national economic policy continues to diversify with an eye on long-term sustainability. UBD has an extensive research initiative dedicated to energy and materials science research, with a focus on renewable and alternative energy. The energy and material science research initiative encourages collaborations with regional universities to facilitate multidisciplinary energy research. Research initiatives include: energy technology verification, energy technology development, and alternative energy.

Asian Studies - To develop insights into key issues of importance in Asia

Strategically-located in the heart of Asia, Brunei Darussalam has access to a wealth of resources and knowledge that enables UBD to establish research initiatives focused on historical, economic, cultural and social issues in the region. Through its collaborations with other major centres of Asian Studies, UBD provides a vibrant and dynamic research environment for international scholars and Bruneian academics to engage in joint research projects, thereby generating world class research on Asian studies.

Islamic Studies - To be a key hub for Islam and multidisciplinary research with a focus on finance, science e.g. halal and education

Islamic studies has grown in global importance and in particular is an integral part of University research in South East Asia. Islamic Studies at UBD represents a multidisciplinary approach that bridges philosophy and theology with education, finance, science e.g. halal and marketing. The Islamic Studies initiatives, based on the observance of sharia principles, places UBD as a key hub for Islamic studies research in the region.