Plasmonic Nanophotonics

Nanophotonics explores how new materials can be created, in which the interaction between light and matter is fundamentally altered to produce fascinating and useful new effects, i.e., the generation, manipulation, detection, transmission and storage of light (both far-field and near-field) using nano-scale material. Our facilities include a full vector electromagnetic software, COMSOL Multiphysics, and some equipment provided by CAMES’s and collaborative labs, e.g., XRD, SEM, Spin coating, e-beam lithography, ultrahigh-resolution near-field optical microscopy, Raman Spectrometer and multi-harmonic atomic-force microscopy. Two research items related to this issue are now in the process and will be investigated in near future for design, characterization and fabrication.

  1. Plasmonic Nanophotonics: The field of plasmonics aims to exploit the unique optical properties of nanometallic structures to control and manipulate light at the nanoscale. Using plasmonic nanostructures to generate, manipulate, detect, transfer and store light information in nanometer-scale region via surface plasmons, which include three topics: (1) nano-photonics devices and integration, (2) Photo-chemistry process and (3) photo-physics interaction.
  2. Photonic crystal structures and material: Photonic crystals are periodic structures fabricated from high-refractive-index materials such as Si or GaAs. Two research topics will be investigated in this field, i.e., (1) enlarging photonic bandgap and waveguide design with plasmonics and (2) photonic crystal fiber sensor design and applications.

More details: Chou Chau Yuan-Fong.

Selected Publications

  • Yuan-Fong Chou Chau*, Chee Ming Lim, Voo Nyuk Yoong, and Muhammad Nur Syafi'ie Idris, “A simple structure of all circular-air-holes photonic crystal fiber for achieving high birefringence and low confinement loss” Journal of Applied Physics, (2015) 118, pp 243102. DOI: 10.1063/1.4938152.
  • Li-Zen Hsieh, Yuan-Fong Chou Chau*, Chee Ming Lim, Mo-Hua Lin, Hung Ji Huang, Chun-Ting Lin, Md Idris Muhammad Nur Syafi’ie, “Metal nano-particles sizing by thermal annealing for the enhancement of surface plasmon effects in thin-film solarcells application” Optics Communications, (2016) 370, pp. 85-90. DOI: doi:10.1016/j.optcom.2016.03.009.