Energy production from biomass

With the demand for a renewable source of energy, Brunei and Southeast Asian regions with vast amount of rainforests and agriculture take advantage of utilizing biomass as an energy source. Biomass can be processed and converted into fuels and natural gases by chemical means. In order to do this, a suitable catalyst must be used to selectively break down the C-C bond. This research covers the whole scope in biomass energy research, from the synthesis of the catalysts and their characterizations to testing their catalytic performances in flow reactors for biomass processes.

More details: Abdul Hanif Mahadi.

Selected Publication

  • Interstitial modification of palladium nanoparticles with boron atoms as a green catalyst for selectivehydrogenation C. W. A. Chan, A. H. Mahadi, M. M. J. Li, E. C. Corbos, C. Tang, G. Jones, W. C. H. Kuo, J. Cookson, C. M. Brown, P. T. Bishop and S. C. E. Tsang, Nat. Commun., 2014, 5, 9.