Convocation Festival Kicks Off

In its annual grand celebration of the Convocation, the UBD Convocation Festival 2016 or Pesta Konvo UBD 2016 kicked off on 6th October with a showcase of innovative student projects and research at the Learning Commons in the UBD Library. The festival will be held for over two weeks until 22nd October.

The festival was officially launched by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Pengiran Muda (Dr.) Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah ibni Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, Deputy Sultan, Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Pro Chancellor of UBD. The opening ceremony was also attended by the UBD Council Members; Deputy Minister of Education, Pg Dato Paduka Hj Bahrom Pg Hj Bahar; Vice-Chancellor of UBD, Datin Dr Anita Binurul Zahrina Hj Abdul Aziz; foreign dignitaries and prominent officials from government agencies.

This year’s Pesta Konvo theme “Success through Harmony, Knowledge and Resilience” is echoed in the exhibitions at the UBD Library. The event showcased leading-edge projects by current and graduating students that are expected to contribute towards Brunei’s economy and future developments while supporting ASEAN integration. Student projects showcased at the festival demonstrated successful outcome built from cooperative teamwork, in-depth knowledge of their individual subject matter and students’ persistence and determination to see their projects to maturity.

The exhibitions are displayed with bamboo decorations for their symbolic significance to the thematic concepts. Bamboos are seen to grow in clusters symbolising harmony. Based on the Malay proverb, “melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya” translated into bend a bamboo while it is still a shoot (young), UBD believes in nurturing knowledge and good qualities in individuals while they are growing. Finally, bamboo being of the most versatile and flexible materials are known to bend, but not break. This represents the tenacity and resilience students demonstrate as they work on their respective projects. 

Organised by the Student Affairs Section with the assistance from newly-established Office of Promotion and Events Management (OPEM), Pesta Konvo hosts a variety of exhibition to celebrate the success of its current and graduating students. Some of the highlights of the exhibition are robotic gulingtangan (traditional musical instrument) by Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT), the demonstration of bioelectricity generation from water plants by Faculty of Science (FOS), the mapping of Creative Industries in Brunei by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) and the pyrolysis of Acacia species to produce biofuels and other bio products by Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Research (IBER).

Among other things, the Khatam Al-Quran and thanksgiving prayer is also held on 10th October to bless the graduating students in their future endeavours, Convo Run and Cycle on 23rd October, an Islamic Video Clip Competition for UBD students, local performances as well as other cultural events.

The Pesta Konvo is held yearly in the run-up to the Convocation Ceremony to celebrate UBD graduates’ success and achievements while showcasing innovative research and projects by its current and graduating students. Each year, Pesta Konvo brings different themes and exhibitions of students’ works to reflect their respective themes. The 28th Convocation Ceremony is scheduled to take place on 15th October at the Chancellor Hall, in which graduates will receive their scrolls.

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