Interhouse Sports Meet to kick off on Oct 19

The Interhouse Sports Meet, an event by Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Student Council (PMUBD), will kick off on Sunday, 19th October, at Berakas Sports Complex (Kompleks Sukan Padang Kebajikan Berakas).

With the theme, “An Active Lifestyle Contributes to Success”, the Sports Meet aims to encourage UBD students to live a healthy lifestyle for the body, mind and spirit in becoming well-rounded and successful individuals. The event also holds the objective of bringing out UBD students’ athletic talents in addition to fostering a healthy competitive spirit. 

Stemming from the interfaculty competition held last year, the Sports Meet is a friendly sports competition between four ‘houses’: Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red. The leaders for this year’s teams consist of committee members of Student Bodies from individual faculties, who each strove to find the most qualified students in being the strongest, fastest and fittest of each house. Still, participants were selected randomly to encourage students from different faculties to mingle with one another to promote and mirror interaction across industries and fields of study.

The competing houses will vie for points in a variety of sports matches, including race events, ‘telematches’, long jumps, and the much-anticipated march past. There will also be separate categories for male and female participants.

PMUBD is an association that targets unity among the students and showcases their talents to both their fellow students as well as the public. With this aim in mind, the Executive of Sports and Recreation of the association aims to create pertinent activities for the students, with the hope that the importance of health and fitness be emphasised to pair with the more apparent academic aspects of a student’s lifestyle. 

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