• Award-winning Infant Monitoring System concept by Faculty of Integrated Technologies students
Award-winning Infant Monitoring System concept by Faculty of Integrated Technologies students

This  Project Based Learning (PBL) initiative is a collaboration between Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) Japan conducted as part of enPIT (Education Network for Practical Information Technologies) program. It is based on a platform called Robot Service Network Protocol (RSNP). The objective of the project is to design a remote-control robot using the RSNP system and to compete in the RSNP contest 2013. 

Fusion of the robot and the Internet is a new field, and robot services using the Internet are expected to be a new form of business. The RSNP contest is held for the utilization and development of RSNP; to promote innovative robot services; to gain knowledge/experience; to expand businesses in both of robot and software industries; and to compete at the global scale.

Brunei team members consisted of first year Engineering undergraduate and graduate students from the Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT) UBD, while Japan team members are made-up of first year Master students from AIIT. During the planning phase, the ‘Infant Monitoring System’ idea was selected from several other ideas, and was developed to compete for the RSNP contest in Japan. This design uses an android tablet attached to a Roomba (Cleaning Robot) and placed in the same room as the infant. The concept is for the user to monitor infant from another room using voicerecognition and facial-expression-recognition technology. It allows the user to remotely control the Roomba and view the infant using the built-in webcam. The Idea was presented by the Japan team members and the team won the APEN (Asian Professional Education Network) award. 

The UBD team is led by PhD student, Mohamad Fauzi bin Zaini, with support from Dr Akila Seneviratne, Prof Liyanage C De Silva and Pg Dr Iskandar Petra . Currently, the two teams are in the implementation and evaluation phase. The final product will later be presented for the enPIT conference in February 2014, in Japan.

For more info on the APEN award, visit www.apen.asia and fit.ubd.edu.bn

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