Arttralia: Journey of a student's career in art

Hjh Nurul Erne Azlina Hj Zainal is a student majoring in Arts and creative Technology and the owner of Arttralia Enterprise, an service company active in exhibiting artwork and art installation relating to history, social, scenery and landscapes, people; and emotions of a Bruneian. Erne is inspired by creative individuals and faculty members, especially through assignments and lectures who are her source of fresh ideas and new methods in helping her business grow. 

“Being a Managing Director of a company and also a university student has taught me so much on time management, communications and professionalism.

I started this business a few years ago with a group of friends who also loved art as a platform for us to get together and promote our work. We learned that over the years, there has been an increase in recognition and value given to the art industry. My team is made up mostly of UBD students, each with their distinct creative edge. We also have members from a UK university and a design house. The combination of different backgrounds creates an environment where we constantly learn new methods and ideas. We also have the benefit of picking the brains of lecturers!

Apart from balancing my time as a student and entrepreneur, I have also learned the value inspiring others. My team recognizes the importance of giving back to the community via charity sales and volunteering our time at charity bodies. We hope to inspire young people to learn more about art and explore their talents. Art can become a channel to express themselves positively and a medium to contribute back to society.”

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