Lifelong Learning Key To Facing Future Challenges

At the heart of UBD's focus on being a "University of Innovation and Enterprise", lifelong learning is the key to preserving continuity with the past while renewing its vitality as a dynamic university that is integral to create a knowledge-based society and economy.

Supporting the national vision of Wawasan 2035, the Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L) enables innovative approaches towards continuing education, professional development and blended learning.

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies to face the challenges of an ever-growing and globalised world, students and graduates need to have a passion for lifelong learning. This means being ready and willing to skill and re-skill, ensuring that they continue professional and personal education and learning. This is also essential for those looking to upgrade their skills or those who may be interested in a second career.

Modules in the continuing education programmes include Islam and learning, languages, art and design, computing, innovation management and entrepreneurship.

C3L provides support for lifelong learning through programmes and infrastructure that is inclusive and flexible. The innovative blended learning programme provides the opportunity for students to customise studies best aligned with their individual educational needs and career objectives, giving them the opportunity to study at their own pace, place and path alongside their existing career or daily activities.

With "Transforming Teaching, Inspiring Lifelong Learning" in mind, blended learning mixes traditional face-to-face delivery with the use of rich online educational resources, banishing excuses that may hinder anybody from pursuing continued education and allowing them to realise the idea of truly learning all their lives.

UBD has introduced short courses incorporating seamlessly face-to-face and online experiences. C3L offers short courses such as Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World, World Wide Web and Applications, Ecotourism and Programming Fundamentals among many others through online and weekend or evening classes.

Professor Abdal-Hakim Hardaker, Director of Centre for Lifelong Learning, points out how personalised learning experience continues to be seen by many as the ultimate future learning experience. "UBD's blended learning focus will take note of the Islamic traditions for learning in shaping a new innovative solution for the future where a personalised approach is revived by the use of using a blended learning approach that is flexible, adaptable and sustainable for learners", he said.

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