UBD hosts Nobel Laureate Lecture

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) hosted the Nobel Laureate Lecture by Professor Robert C Merton on 5th September 2017 at the Lecture Hall in Chancellor Hall, UBD.

The lecture titled "Finance Science, Financial Innovation and Long-Term Asset Management" touched on the domain of investment management, the production process for specified investment goals and transforming the shape of payoffs to fit those goals; goals-based long-term investing which included the life cycles of retirement investing, investing for governments and integrated endowment management; defining financial science with a focus on risk-free assets as well as the benefits of financial innovation.

Robert C Merton shared with Myron S Scholes in 1997 the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, an award for outstanding contributions to the field of economics. He is a pioneer in continuous-time finance especially the first continuous-time option pricing model, the Black-Scholes formula. Currently, he is Resident Scientist at Dimensional Holdings Inc. He is also Distinguished Professor of Finance at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management and Professor Emeritus at Harvard University.

Robert C Merton would be the second Nobel laureate hosted by UBD with the first being Sir James Alexander Mirrlees, also an Economic Sciences Nobel laureate, in May 2015. Through various conferences and events, UBD hosts prominent speakers, experts and professionals to share cutting edge research and findings in their respective fields to enrich and empower its students and staff.

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