PAPRSB IHS hosts the 11th International Summer Medical School Programme (ISMS)

PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences is hosting the 11th International Summer Medical School Programme (ISMS) for eight Japanese students from 24th July to 26th August 2017.

Since its inception in 2006, the International Summer Medical School Programme (ISMS) is held annually as a collaborative programme between PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and Kagawa University Faculty of Medicine (KUFM).

The International Summer Medical School organised by PAPRSB IHS marks an ongoing achievement for UBD in promoting student exchanges in its role as an international university. This signifies a strong ongoing concerted partnership between the two institutions in academic and exchange activities as part of the university's mission in developing society through the cultivation of intellect and culture through such collaborative programmes.

"Since 2006, we have been working closely through a series of memorandum of understandings and have established successful collaborative partnerships in areas of medicine, health, academic activities, student exchanges and, more importantly and recently, successful partnerships in research activities under the Bilateral Joint Research Project." said by Dr Noor Faizah Mohd Naim, Co-coordinator of the 11TH International Summer Medical School during the opening ceremony.

"This year's theme focuses on 'non-communicable diseases' where students will engage in topic pertaining to cancer and diabetes", she added. According to Dr Noor Faizah Mohd Naim and Dr Li Ling Chaw, the coordinators of 11TH International Summer Medical School 2017, this programme is a valuable experience for Japanese medical students to appreciate and experience life as a future medical practitioner and to prepare themselves for further studies abroad in addition to improving their communication skills in English. This programme is also beneficial for local students in PAPRSB IHS as it exposes them to international students. While it broadens their horizons in academic, social and cultural activities, it also strengthens the friendship between the medical students of Brunei Darussalam and Japan.

Professor Takashi KUSAKA, MD., Coordinator of the Brunei Exchanges, International Exchange Committee, Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa University said, "It is the British tutorial education employed here beings such change. Each student brings back with them irreplaceable assets acquired through the courses and buddies by Brunei students." He mentioned, students from two universities continue to be friends even after students of Brunei complete their studies here and are gone to UK.

The Guest of Honour Dr Toshio Kaneko, Chargé d'affaires, Embassy of Japan in Brunei Darussalam also gave a speech during the opening ceremony. "This exchange program, I believe, provides a golden opportunity to further develop mutual understandings between Japan and Brunei Darussalam. I hope they will further to develop not only practical skills in medicine, but also international communication skills and a global mindset", he said.

John, Kenichi Parama, one of eight participating students from Kagawa University, is interested in medical education of Brunei. "I heard the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) they have here, we do not have something like that", he said. In addition, John is looking for to the Temburong Trip this weekend.

"I have not had any lectures in English, so I would like to learn English there", another participant Hiroka Tomiya, is also interested in study abroad.

Some of the objectives of the programme includes to experience life as a medical student in PAPRSB IHS, UBD through a variety of academic activities which includes lectures, problem-based learning (PBL) sessions, clinical and communication skills; to gain clinical knowledge and hands-on experience from clinical visits, placements and clinical skills sessions; to enhance English language proficiency and presentation skills; to forge friendship with Bruneian students in UBD through the buddy system and BJFA-UBD Chapter members towards the exchange and sharing of cultures and tradition between the two countries; to experience Brunei's nature through social outdoor activities and recreational visits to famous landmarks in Brunei; and to experience Bruneian culture by participating in homestay with foster families, learning traditional games, musical activities and try local food.

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