FASS empowers local culture with Literature Festival

In a bid to uphold Bruneian culture, UBD's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) organised the seventh Literature Festival with its theme "Empowering Cultural heritage".

Officially opened on 15th April 2017 by Dean of FASS Dr Hjh Asiyah Az-Zahra Hj Ahmad Kumpoh, the four-day festival held at the Central lecture Theatre features presentations on ethnic dances, short story writing workshop, seminar on customs and culture, as well as a poetry workshop by local poet Kris Karmila. The festival collaborated with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as well as the Brunei Museums Department to bring a dastar-making and sinjang-wearing workshop, and a special exhibition on traditional games and attire.

Chairperson of the event Mazfazillah Maikal expressed hope that this year's Literature Festival would be of great benefit to visitors as they enliven the event and support local vendors offering items of literary and cultural value. "It's support from the public that fires up their spirit to continue their craft, express their talents and share the beauty of our culture to the outside world," he said. "I hope this festival can be seen as a platform not only for us as organisers but also to the next generations to explore the beauty of Bruneian culture."

At the officiating ceremony of the Literature Festival, Dean of FASS Dr Hjh Asiyah Az-Zahra Hj Ahmad Kumpoh said that Literature in the 21st century is important and relevant as a nation's development cannot be measured by physical, scientific and technological advancements alone. "We have to take into consideration human and spiritual aspects as well," she said. "Literature has so many connections to other branches of knowledge including religion, philosophy, culture, politics, medicine and law among many others." She added that Literature goes beyond merely providing information and encouraging intellectual discourse but completes an individual with emotions and life values.

The Literature Festival began on 14th April 2017 and will continue until 17th April 2017 from 8am to 5pm daily. Members of the public are encouraged to drop by and check out the vendors, exhibitions and participate in activities.

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