Islam Aspiration Week 2017 launched

The seventh installment of the Islam Aspiration Week (IAW) was launched at the Student Centre, UBD on 13th March 2017.

Organised by the Executive of Religious and Spirituality (EKK), Student Representative Council 16/17, this year's theme "7 Doors to Productivity" aimed to share and experience the beauty of Islam in all aspects of everyday life. For the week, the Student Centre hosts seven booths: The Tree of Knowledge, Time, Fit Fillah, The Colony, Golden Advice, Bee Productive and Laila Saida, which encompass different aspects of life that guarantee a fruitful and fulfilling life as well as the hereafter when managed properly.

Officiating the opening of the event was the Director of Sultan Omar 'Ali Saiffudien Centre of Islamic Studies (SOASCIS), who also visited the exhibition booths in the Student Centre and spoke to participants and volunteers.

For one of the volunteers, Ahmad Tarmizi Hj Abu Bakar, this marks his third year participating in the IAW despite having graduated in Environmental Studies in 2016. "We as Muslims must be productive in our daily life," he shared. Manning the "Fit Fillah" booth which focuses on the Muslim's physical, spiritual and mental health, he adds that while achieving the ideal goal of productivity can be a challenge, we all have the responsibility to help one another.

24-year old Adam Rayyand Rosland converted to Islam in 2016 but has been a part of the annual IAW since 2013. He found that the event was a way for him to learn new things about Islam, especially being directly involved while aspiring others to know more about the religion. In his quest to be a better Muslim himself, he encourages that everybody tries their best to fix each other and live life for Allah (SWT). He also pointed out that such events, with its open nature and casual approach, helps to combat the negative image of Islam portrayed by mainstream media.

Taking a leaf out of the page from one of nature's most hardworking examples, Ak Muhd Raihan Syafiq Pg Hj Roslan uses bees to exemplify the importance of hard work and saving as one of the doors to productivity. "We need to have savings," the 23-year old student of Masters in Education said. "Even if it's a little, consistency helps prepare for unexpected events in our life and can also benefit others who need our help." He relates a personal story where his father in Brunei was ill while he was still studying in the UK. Fortunately, he had some money saved up and was able to be with him and the rest of the family.

The Islam Aspiration Week 2017 continues until 19th March and in addition to the exhibition, will also feature a number of other activities including a blood donation drive, film festival, Parents Appreciation Day, sports day as well as vendors at the Central Lecture Theatre.

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