UBD Welcomes January 2017 Freshers

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) welcomed 603 students, including international students, for the second semester of the academic year 2016/2017 during the annual Fresher's Week which began on 3rd January at the Chancellor Hall.

Out of the total, 268 were accepted into Masters and PhD programmes, 278 were accepted into Bachelor Degree programmes, 49 were accepted into Bridging programmes and eight were accepted into Diploma programmes.

In the Fresher’s Week Address, Acting Vice Chancellor Dayang Rubiah Hj Yacub highlighted that while academic excellence is the main goal, the students also need to constantly upgrade their skills through other non-academic activities. “This will help you become graduates who are excellent holistically,” she said.

“Through elements of the GenNEXT programme which includes leadership, entrepreneurship, environmental awareness and innovation when combined with skill and experience will allow students to become outstanding individuals that can contribute wholeheartedly to the community and the nation, guided by the MIB philosophy.”

The Acting Vice Chancellor also pointed out how today’s world needs more than good grades. She reminded the new students that graduates need to be “more relevant and adaptable, and have all the soft skills needed to stand out and become invaluable assets to the country.” UBD, through the GenNEXT programme can help as employers are looking for candidates who have excellent communication skills, good leadership skills, critical thinking and reasoning, quantitative analysis, who are creative and can think innovatively with a global perspective.

The week-long orientation programme aimed at familiarising the new students with their higher education career for the next four years is organised by the Student Affairs Section alongside the Student Representative Council and aided by volunteers.

Fresher's Week is an event where new students are briefed on important matters related to life in university and what UBD has to offer. New students will also be set to know more about UBD and modules offered as they will be introduced to the programme leaders of their respective faculties as well as their faculty members. The students will also be briefed on course registrations for the new students’ first semester, Discovery Year programme as well as the extra-curricular activities that are offered in UBD.

They will also be educated on the GeNext programme as well as the registration and examinations in UBD. A talk on dress-code and ECA point star system will also be held.

On top of additional briefings by the Centre for Networking, Employment and Careers Training (CoNECT); Entrepreneurship Village; and sharing sessions from UBD graduates, the new students will also be given tours of the campus and library.

Supporting the awareness of a healthy lifestyle, the new intake will also participate in a Fun Run on Wednesday, which will include all members of UBD.  A motivational religious talk, dubbed Bicara Ulum Ad-din, will also be delivered by an invited speaker from UNISSA, which will not only be beneficial to Muslim students but to non-Muslims as well.

Fresher's Week will end on 7th January with mass Zuhur prayers, recital of Surah Yasin and Doa Selamat at the Universiti Mosque to mark the start of the new semester.


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