Welcome Freshies!

To ease your transition to university life, we have prepared a series of briefings and activities to help you understand the way UBD works and what are in store for you here. Here are several important information that you may need tor this transition between now and over the next few weeks.

We highly encourage you to read and retain the information given, as well as contents of the briefings during the Freshers Week. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask any of the staff of Student Affairs Section, the faculty members, staff of Student Central, the Student Representative Council, the student volunteers or any of the Freshers Week Organising Committee members. We are here to help!

Attached below are links to important document for your reference before attending Freshers Week!

  1. FW Website
  2. Program of VC Address
  3. Freshers Week Timetable
  4. Freshers Guide
  5. International Students Guide
  6. Discipline of Students (Regulations)

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