You will receive a welcome email titled "Freshers' Week (session)" from us in early July, that will inform you of your registration number, information on how to activate your email account, how to activate and log in to the GenNEXT Information System (GIS) for module registration and Canvas (Learning Management System). It will also include information regarding the Freshers' Week and what you need to do and bring for pre-Freshers' Week registration and the orientation week itself.

Please check your email (the one you used to register for HECAS and OASyS) regularly and ensure that it does not go to junk.

  • Activate your email account
    • You are required to do this as soon as you receive the welcome email, as this would enable you access to the ePayment system afterward.
    • Please refer to the welcome email or the New Students' Orientation Guide (to be available soon) on the steps to activate.
  • Fees to pay

The required fees are actually listed in your offer letter. However, please refer below for the list of payments that you will need to make.








Acceptance Fee




Applicable to ALL students, both full and part-time


Registration Fee




Applicable to ALL students, both full and part-time






Applicable to FEE PAYING students only. Please refer to your offer letter for the actual amount.

You can discuss payment arrangements by visiting Finance Office.

Those who are applying for scholarship may withhold from paying this until a confirmed approval for scholarship is received.


Tuition Fee

According to programme. Please refer to Tuition Fees information below

Applicable to FEE PAYING students only. Please refer to your offer letter for the actual amount.

You can discuss payment arrangements by visiting Finance Office.


UBD Students' Association Fee (PMUBD)


$60.00 per year to be paid in lump sum($60.00 x 4 years)


To be paid in lump sum according to your programme duration ($240.00 for 4 years' programme).

Compulsory to ALL undergraduate students, and optional to UniBridge and postgraduate students


Student Insurance

Depends on the package you choose

  1. COMPULSORY for all students

  2. Purchase according to the duration of your programme (1 year, 2 years or 4 years)

  3. For international students, you may purchase a one-year policy, if you wish, and renew annually.

  4. Purchase your own personal insurance coverage before 23 July 2017. You may purchase your coverage earlier or during the 2-days period prior to Freshers Week or visit their respective offices.

  5. Please bring along your UBD Offer Letter to any of the listed Insurance Companies.

  • How to pay
    • Online Payment – You will receive an email about online payment (ePayment) after you have accepted the offer in OASys. The ePayment is now available for your use for all payments, except insurance.
    • Counter Payment – You can go directly to the Finance Office counter, Ground Floor, Administration Building if you wish to pay in cash.
    • PMUBD Fees can also be made over the counters at Chancellor Hall during the Freshers Week registration period.
  • Register for ePayment system – how to activate your account
    • Go to (for Students and Staff) and click Login
    • Use the following:
      • Username: ubd\(your registration number)
      • Password: (you must activate your email account first before you can do this)
  • It is important and COMPULSORY for ALL students to have their own personal insurance coverage.
  • For international students, please ensure that the insurance covers the duration of your stay in Brunei Darussalam and is internationally-recognised.
  • You will be required to:
    • Purchase your own personal insurance coverage before Sunday, 23 July 2017. You may purchase your coverage earlier or during the 2-days pre-Freshers Week Registration or visit their respective offices.
    • International students may purchase during pre-Freshers Week.
    • Show proof of insurance policy purchased in order to collect your UBD student card.
  • All students, including international students, who are requiring on-campus accommodation may apply for this by sending an email to There are three types of university residential colleges at the Core Residential College, UBD Residential Colleges and M4 Married Student Apartment Residential College.
  • You may visit their website at for more information and details.

UBD Accommodation Rates 2017 (as revised and approved by UBD Corporation Sdn Bhd)

1. UBD Residential College: Standard Room

Types of Rates



BND45.00 per month

2. M4 Married Student Apartment Residential College

Types of Rates

Fully Furnished Serviced Apartment

Fully FurnishedNon-Serviced Apartment

Partly Furnished Non-Serviced Apartment


BND3,300.00 (upon request only)



3. The Core Residential College

Types of Rates

Revised Price


BND45.00 per night


BND250.00 per month

There are two semesters in an Academic Year. For the August intake, Semester 1 starts in August and Semester 2 starts in January of the following year. For information on important university dates and semester breaks, you can view the Academic Calendar.

Support services
Read the UBD Student Handbook (to be updated soon) to find out about support and services available to you at our university.

International students
Our International Student Coordinator is dedicated to helping you adjust to life in Brunei and offer advice on immigration, transition and getting around in UBD and Brunei.

Contact us by emailing Madam Sendi Batu at

Additional tasks for international students
Make sure you complete the tasks in list above and below before you arrive in Brunei.

Read the International Student Guide
Studying in another country is exciting but can be quite daunting, especially when the culture and living condition are not what you are used to. Read our International Students Guide (to be available soon) to help you prepare and plan for your Bruneian study experience.

Contact our International Students Coordinator
Our International Students Coordinator at the International Students Office under the Student Affairs Section is always ready to assist you get all the legal documents prior to entering Brunei and studying in UBD. Once you have accepted your offer, you should contact Madam Sendi Batu at and get advice on getting your visa on arrival (VOA) or entry visa, student visa and student pass, and even dependent pass (if you are thinking of bringing your family over to Brunei as well – which is not encouraged actually).

You will be required to provide the following documents for VOA application:

  1. Medical fitness certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner stating that you are medically fit to study in Brunei
  2. A valid passport (not less than six months) and a copy of passport (front page and page of entry chop)
  3. A completed visa application form
  4. A recent passport-sized photograph
  5. A copy of the UBD offer letter
  6. A copy of valid insurance
  7. A copy of scholarship approval letter, if any
  8. Cash payment as determine by the Brunei Embassy in the student's home country where the Entry Visa Application is processed

Ensure you have a visa
It is best to contact the Embassy/ High Commission of Brunei Darussalam in your respective countries to ascertain whether a visa is necessary.

For students from ASEAN countries, you will not need to apply for VOA, but you will be required to apply for multiple entry visa, student visa and student pass.

Check if you need medical screening
Getting medical fitness certificate is essential for the application of student visa and student pass. Therefore please ensure that you obtain your medical fitness certificate from a registered medical medical practitioner stating that you are medically fit to study in Brunei.

Ensure you have enough money
Cost of living in Brunei is not high, but public transportation may be a problem. Therefore, please ensure that you have sufficient funds for all other expenses such as subsistence, accommodation and travel e.g. an emergency fund of at least BND1,000 in case of any incidental expenses upon or immediately after arrival to Brunei Darussalam.

Confirm your flight arrival details
Once you have confirmed your ticket and flight details, please inform the International Students Coordinator and UBD Corporation so that they can arrange for your airport pick-up and prepare for your accommodation registration and your room.