Welcome to the FASS webpages.

These pages give you information about the degrees we offer, the background and publications of our academic staff, and the research projects we are engaged in. I hope you find them interesting and useful.

— Siti Norkhalbi Haji Wahsalfelah

FASS Office Holders, 2014-2015


Dr Siti Norkhalbi Haji Wahsalfelah

Deputy Deans

Dr Hajah Asiyah az-Zahrah binti Haji Ahmad Kumpoh (UG) (on writing leave)

AP Dr Ahsan Ullah (Graduate and Research)

Dr Alistair Wood (Acting Deputy Dean, UG)

Programme Leaders

Dr Rommel Curaming (History & International Studies)

Dr Dk. Noor Hasharina bte Pg. Haji Hassan (Social Sciences and Geographical & Environmental Sciences)

Dr Hannah Ho Ming Yit (English Studies, Creative Arts and Communication)

Dr Mardina Hj Mahadi (Malay Language, Literature and Arts)

Discovery Year Co-ordinators

Dayang Exzayrani Hj Sulaiman (Internship and SAP/SEP)

Dayang Siti Ifwah Fauzani Binti Awang Haji Chuchu (COP and Incubation)

GenNext Coordinator

Dr Hjh Sharifah Nurul Huda binti Alkaff

Programme Coordinators (Subsumed under Programme Leaders)

Kesusasteraan Melayu/Malay literature: Dr Hj Ramlee Tinkong

Professional Communication & Media Studies: Dr Chris Woo

Sociology-Anthropology: Prof Wan Zawawi Ibrahim

Art & Creative Technologies: AP Kong Ho

Environmental Studies: Mr Gabriel Yong

Geography and Developmental Studies: Dr Hjh Hairuni Haji Mohamed Ali Maricar

Historical Studies: Dr Nani Suryani Hj Abu Bakar

Philosophy: Dr Kenny Siu Sing Huen

SEA Studies: Dr Rommel Curaming

Health & Safety Coordinator

Ryan Lim Sei Heng

Unibridge Coordinator

Mr Low Kok Wai

FASS Journal Chief Editor

Prof David Deterding

Social Media Manager

Dr Siti Mazidah binti Hj Mohamad

Faculty Newsletter

Hjh Aznah binti Haji Suhaimi

FASS Webmaster

Prof David Deterding