Bridging English Course

The BEC is an intensive one-semester course designed for candidates who have the required entry points to UBD's Degree Programmes but do not meet the English language entry requirement. It is a pathway for students to improve English language proficiency to the level required by UBD.

The main objective of the course is to prepare students to the point at which they should be able to embark on their first year courses with a level of English skills similar to that of those who have achieved a grade 6 in the O’ level English Language paper.

This course is intensive and includes all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. A strong focus on grammar will be incorporated in all lessons. It is a structured program with an underlying pedagogy and modified to meet the needs of class groups.

This course will cover the following areas:

  • Improving reading skill e.g. overall structure of texts, understanding discourse markers, reading to summarize/paraphrase etc.
  • Improving writing skills e.g. understanding overall text structure, paragraph structure, introductions and conclusions as well as learning to edit high frequency grammatical errors.
  • Improving listening skills for listening for gist, listening for details, taking notes etc.
  • Improving speaking skills e.g. taking part in interviews and small group discussions, preparing and delivering a short presentation etc.
  • Providing ample reinforcement in specific areas of grammar e.g. the tense system, questions and negatives, modals and verbs & relative clauses.