About Us

The Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L) provides value  by focusing attention on the contribution of lifelong learning to the wider student learning experience. We do this through good standing and teaching professionalism of individuals and through recognition of personalised approach towards professional development of their teaching staff. This recognition is enabled by the The Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L)  lead in the development and on-going lifelong learning programmes that is aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework.

Our core proposition

Transforming Teaching, Inspiring Lifelong Learning

We will deliver this proposition by:

  • Help engender a passion for lifelong learning among our students through setting up programmes and activities offering modules, as well as embedding a lifelong learning mindset in existing modules;
  • Develop continuing professional development programmes for alumni of UBD (including non UBD graduates) for skills upgrading or those who are interested in a second career.
  • Initiate continuing education programmes (non-formal learning) for Bruneians and the public who would like to upgrade themselves, both in terms of skills upgrading or for self-enrichment. Modules taught include Islam and learning, languages, art and design, computing, Innovation management,  and entrepreneurship.
  • To establish blended learning programmes for Bruneians to access higher education qualifications, and for UBD students. Blended learning offers an open and flexible approach towards education for both non-certificate, certificate, and degree programmes education.
  • Research & Development into next generation learning technology applications such as personalised learning technologies and MOOCs.

Our vision

To be globally recognised for inspiring lifelong learning as an essential driver for tomorrow professionals

Our mission

Improving learning outcomes by raising the quality of blended learning programmes in supporting for tomorrow professionals

Our values

  • Commitment to compassion and self-reflection in supporting professional practice
  • Genuine accountability to student development (student-centric mindset)
  • Respect of the human worth, individuality, and diversity of students
  • Support for equality and equity in teaching and learning