Centre for Lifelong Learning

The Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L), Universiti Brunei Darussalam, is an enabler for innovative approaches towards continuing education, professional development and blended learning. C3L supports Wawasan 2035 with world class excellence in blended learning for higher education.

C3L facilitates embedding the ethos of lifelong learning, directly into the design and development process of blended learning. which supports the development of a knowledge and skills based society for Wawasan 2035, and beyond, for Brunei Darussalam. In supporting Wawasan 2035 C3L also contributes to: Brunei Darussalam as a Shari'ah nation; the United Nations commitment to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD); and the Millennium Goals of universal education, gender equality and global partnerships.

Lifelong learning is increasingly at the heart of UBDs focus on being a “University of innovation and enterprise” and opens the way to preserve continuity with the past while renewing its vitality as a dynamic university that is integral to creating a knowledge economy.

Citizens need greater opportunities to acquire the knowledge and competences necessary to meet the challenges of an emerging knowledge-based society. Our GenNEXT program seeks to equip our students for such a future, preparing our graduates for jobs that may not yet exist. However, looking ahead for GenNEXT, it is important to ensure that our students and graduates have a passion for lifelong learning—to skill and re-skill—as well as to set up the infrastructure and programs to ensure continuing professional and personal education and learning. In addition to our graduates there is a need to support lifelong learning to support inclusive educational programmes for all that offers a flexible and open approach to study.